reaching my goal

Gym Love

Just realized how much I love going to the gym.

I started going seriously in February, and went about 2-3 times per week, doing just cardio. I have now made it a priority to go FIVE times a week, doing cardio and now incorporating weights. I love it. Not only have I seen my body change, but I love the way it makes me feel and how it puts my day on a schedule. I look at my friends, who don’t go to the gym and say (in my head) how much pride I feel because I went to the gym inbetween class that day, or woke up 2 hours early to go. That sounds bad, but I love feeling proud of myself knowing that what I’ve been doing is something not everyone does, or has the willpower to do. 

Now, I am not saying I have a perfect body or diet—far from it! But I definitely feel a few steps up from those sitting on the couch. 


OKAY I’ve finally given myself a deadline. May 5th. One month from today and the date of my cousin’s wedding. I need to lost 5 pounds by then. This is doable. I have been trying to lose weight for so long now, and while I have seen results, it has not been coming as quickly as possible. 

I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, but I think my real problem is my diet. I just LOVE food and usually the food that’s bad for you :( but I need to stay MOTIVATED!!!

How do you stay motivated?

What I’ve realized…

Days I don’t workout

  • I feel worse about myself
  • I tend to eat more, and usually not as healthy
  • Less happy with my body
  • I let the calorie counting and weight consume me

Days I do workout 

  • I’m happier about my body, and just in general
  • I eat healthier/less
  • I feel good!
  • I have a sense of pride and accomplishment

No matter how small the workout— 5 miles on the treadmill, or a short walk to class— I have found that exercising is truly a medicine in itself, especially one to treat body and self-image insecurities. 


I am back home from school for the next month. I’m really going to try to be motivated. Last winter break I lost five pounds thanks to my beloved pedometer :) This year I vow to eat healthier, run on the treadmill (its right in my basement, I have NO excuses!!) and overall stay positive. I’ve learned lately that there is no point in being hard on myself or hating the way I look if I dont do anything to change it.

So here goes nothing. 

Let’s see what changes between now and Jan 21 :)  

need motivation

It’s finals week and all I’m doing is sitting here and studying. I have a slight cold and absolutely no motivation to work out. I keep telling myself I’ll start tomorrow, and then I use those same comforting words the next day until I end in this never-ending cycle of discomfort in my own body. 

I need inspiration!! I’ve done the 30 Day Shred before and thinking about starting again as a good way to ease myself into the work out mode.

How do you find the motivation to work out?


I am finally going to change. Over the past year I have gained nearly 15 pounds. To me, it is a great deal of weight and ultimately something that has caused me to be very depressed and uncomfortable in my own body. I hate this feeling. I want to lose the weight for good. I was lucky enough to be very thin for the majority of my life just naturally, and now I will have to work for it and earn the body I want. I just want to feel confident in a tight shirt, or a mini skirt or even a bikini. I want to tone up my body and turn heads. I want to lose the cellulite and replace it with muscle. I want to be fit. 

Height: 5’

SW: 114

GW: 102

Let’s do this.