reaching my goal

workout in your bikini!

Today I bought a new bathing suit :) and I actually wasn’t miserable while bikini shopping so I guess something is working lol

Anyways, I tried it on again when I came home and decided to do a workout video in it. Seeing the parts of your body that you want to change was motivation enough to power through it! I also saw parts of my body that have definitely improved :)

5 more!!!!

UGH I just need to lose 5 more pounds… well I don’t weigh myself because I used to be obsessed with it, so I’m just gonna by looks, but I really need/want to lose a few more pounds to really feel comfortable with my body. Now that I’m home it’s even harder to lose weight—especially without my free gym membership at school :( 

Any tips to lose those stubborn last few pounds?


Is walking good enough cardio?

I LOVE walking and I have a pedometer which makes it so much more fun lol! I used to do the elliptical and run, but lately I’ve been realizing I’ve just been walking a lot, and still am getting the same amount of steps that I did before. I know my heart rate won’t be as high so less calories are being burned, but is it still an efficient way to lose weight?


HOW do you all do it?! I am the biggest junk food junkie but I have been trying to be good lately and not buy chips/cookies/candy but…

I live in a house with 4 other girls and when they all bring cookies for everyone or other yummy things I can’t resist! Or I’ll say “I’ll just have one.” but then it leads to 2 or 3…

I even try to snack on almonds or something instead, but I just cannot resist the temptation.

Any advice?


I’ve been SO busy lately between the sorority and finals and schoolwork that my usual 5x times a week to the gym has turned into 2 last week… AH! I have such anxiety about this!!! Will this mess me up? 

Ive been trying to watch what I eat and march in place whenever I can lol but Im still freaking out and I hate it

Gym Love

Just realized how much I love going to the gym.

I started going seriously in February, and went about 2-3 times per week, doing just cardio. I have now made it a priority to go FIVE times a week, doing cardio and now incorporating weights. I love it. Not only have I seen my body change, but I love the way it makes me feel and how it puts my day on a schedule. I look at my friends, who don’t go to the gym and say (in my head) how much pride I feel because I went to the gym inbetween class that day, or woke up 2 hours early to go. That sounds bad, but I love feeling proud of myself knowing that what I’ve been doing is something not everyone does, or has the willpower to do. 

Now, I am not saying I have a perfect body or diet—far from it! But I definitely feel a few steps up from those sitting on the couch. 


I have been working my butt off for the past four months to lose these 10 pounds so I can feel comfortable again. It gets hard when I live with 4 other [skinny] girls, not that I am even overweight, just not stick thin. One housemate, in particular, always complains about how “fat” she looks. And continues to talk about how little she ate that day.. “All I had was one slice of pizza. I was so good.”

It bothers me SO much because I understand that starving yourself is counterproductive in weight loss, but I look at how skinny she is and get the urge. But I like food and eating, where starving myself isnt an option, but she makes it look like a good way to have the body I want.

Advice? Should I just ignore her comments and continue losing weight the healthy way (1200 calories a day/ gym 4x a week)


OKAY I’ve finally given myself a deadline. May 5th. One month from today and the date of my cousin’s wedding. I need to lost 5 pounds by then. This is doable. I have been trying to lose weight for so long now, and while I have seen results, it has not been coming as quickly as possible. 

I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, but I think my real problem is my diet. I just LOVE food and usually the food that’s bad for you :( but I need to stay MOTIVATED!!!

How do you stay motivated?


Binged last night… smartfood popcorn, chips, cookies.. UGH

woke up this morning STILL feeling completely full and sick. Went for a little walk/jog for 40 min to make me feel better. 

I dont want this to mess up everything!!

What else do you recommend to recover from a binge?

What I’ve realized…

Days I don’t workout

  • I feel worse about myself
  • I tend to eat more, and usually not as healthy
  • Less happy with my body
  • I let the calorie counting and weight consume me

Days I do workout 

  • I’m happier about my body, and just in general
  • I eat healthier/less
  • I feel good!
  • I have a sense of pride and accomplishment

No matter how small the workout— 5 miles on the treadmill, or a short walk to class— I have found that exercising is truly a medicine in itself, especially one to treat body and self-image insecurities.